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Supply Chain Resilience

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The resilience of your supply chain is probably critical to the smooth and continued running of your business but the majority of business owners have no idea how resilient their supply chain is, or isn’t!

Do you know what supply chain issues might affect your business?

A recent report by the Business Continuity Institute found that:

  • 60% of disruption is caused by unplanned IT or telecoms outages.
  • 45% by loss of talent or skills.
  • 39% by cyber attack or data breach.

Below is a graphic from the report showing the main risks to supply chains.

BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report main risks
BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report main risks

On reading the list some things may appear not to affect you. Earthquake/Tsunami for example may not appear to be much of a problem in the UK but the 201 tsunami in Japan caused global supply chain problems. Here is an interesting article on that event and how businesses around the world were affected.

So what can you do about it? What business continuity measures can you take to mitigate these risks? Alarmingly, just under a quarter of organisations have no BCM arrangements in place! I would imagine that small to medium sized businesses make up a majority of that figure.

Have you seen the BCP’s of your suppliers?  Perhaps now would be a good time to ask them what they are going to do to ensure their Business Continuity. If they don’t have a plan you are probably going to have a problem that will affect your business, your customers and your reputation.

Here is a full copy of the report should you wish to know more.

BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2016
BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report 2016


Business Resilience 10 Minute Plan

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Scottish Business in the Community have developed a business resilience 10 minute plan that was launched yesterday.

business resilience 10 minute plan
business resilience 10 minute plan

Taking 10 minutes to work your way through it is a really good use of 10 minutes that might otherwise just be squandered socialising or with friends and family. 😉

To save you the trouble of looking for it yourself (that would take 2 extra minutes) I have downloaded it for you.

Just click and off you go!



Business Resilience Blog Topics

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I intend to continue blogging about once a week and I have a list of topics that will keep me blogging for a year.

The question is, what topics would you like me to write about? What is challenging you at the moment?

Here is the result of a brainstorming session on possible topics. Which one would you like me to do first?

  1. Get ready for winter.
  2. Here comes the snow.
  3. How to do a Business Impact Analysis
  4. Pandemic – Mass absence of staff
  5. Loss of telephone systems
  6. Who turned the lights out!
  7. Government’s resilience planning assumptions
  8. Business Continuity Management Cycle
  9. Developing a BCM programme
  10. Is your supply chain as resilient as you think?
  11. What happens when you don’t have a plan?
  12. Mind your reputation
  13. Are risk management and business continuity the same thing?
  14. Will BREXIT mean ISO 22301 will no longer apply?
  15. What’s the difference between Business Continuity and Emergency Management?
  16. Who manages your Business Continuity programme?
  17. Business Continuity Lifecycle
  18. Writing a Business Continuity Plan
  19. How to do Crisis Management
  20. BCM strategies
  21. Do you know the difference between Strategic, Tactical and Operational?
  22. It’s not all about writing plans!
  23. Why should you consider Business Continuity? A case study.
  24. Doing a cost benefit analysis.
  25. PESTELO – A tool
  26. Good governance is essential
  27. Who needs to know the BCM plan?
  28. Considering people in Business Continuity Management
  29. Will your people come to work as you planned?
  30. Now you’ve written the plan you need to implement it. – A guide on how to.
  31. How do you know when you are in a crisis?
  32. The terrorism threat to your business
  33. The National Risk Register – A right riveting read.
  34. Flooding – How to prepare
  35. How will industrial unrest affect your business.
  36. Does animal disease pose a threat to your business? You may be surprised!
  37. Heatwaves – Not much of a problem in Scotland.
  38. The impact of storms on your business – How to prepare.
  39. When the tide comes in, right in!
  40. Psychological impacts of emergencies on staff.
  41. Planning for consequences, not causes.
  42. Volcanic eruptions in far off lands. – Have you thought about how they could impact your business?
  43. Severe Space weather could be a risk to your business. Now you think I am just making stuff up!
  44. Do you know if your plan actually works?
  45. How to test your plan.
  46. Training your teams so they know what their role is.
  47. Oh dear! It’s all gone wrong!
  48. Dead laptop. Where has all your data gone? A simple guide to keeping it safe.
  49. Transport disruption is a risk to your business.
  50. The role of the emergency services may not be as all-encompassing as you think.