Business Resilience Health Check

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Iain Campbell
Iain Campbell

To help you with your problem I offer a practical and affordable business resilience health check for your company.  I can do this quickly if you are in a developing or crisis situation.

The most likely problems you are wrestling with will be:

  • How will I continue when I lose telecoms and internet?
  • Key members of staff are not available?
  • My suppliers or service providers don’t have a Business Continuity Plan and they fail to deliver?
  • How can I protect my business from cyber attack?
  • How can I recover from a cyber attack.
  • I can’t access my premises.
  • I need to exercise my plan.
  • I need to train my staff.
  • I need to respond to a crisis.
  • My reputation is at risk.
  • I need to know how to respond to an emergency.

How does it work?

I will call you at a time of your choosing.  We will discuss your business and assess the risks that you face. This will take up to an hour, depending on your business needs and is obviously much less time consuming than us meeting up.

After our conversation I will compile a report for you. The report will contain practical and where possible costed recommendations on how you can improve your business resilience. Many of the things you can do to improve your resilience will be a good investment and will be easier than you might think. It has been claimed that for every £1 invested in resilience the return is 7 times that in reduced costs when things go wrong.  If we need to follow up after you have received the report or any further explanation is required we can talk again.

Click here to be directed to my appointments page. Click on ‘Business Resilience Health Check’ complete as much or as little of the form as you like. Once you have added the appointment to your calendar just close the window. I will send you an invoice to make your payment (bank transfer, which covers the cost of the call, the written report and a follow up call).  I will call you at the appointed time. The more information you can give me in advance the better I will be able to advise you. If you aren’t into form filling we can take a little longer on the call.

If you don’t want a full health check service but would just like to have some advice on your business resilience or how you can improve your preparedness just click on the link and choose ‘Question time’.  You can then schedule a 30 minute conversation about any subject you choose, to do with resilience obviously, I don’t know much about rocket science.

Looking forward to helping you!

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