How can you avoid being the victim of cyber crime?

How can you avoid being the victim of cyber crime?

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Business Continuity Awareness Week is now upon us and the theme for the week is cyber security – a theme that is particularly apt given the scale of last week’s Wanna Decryptor ransomware attacks that reportedly affected somewhere in the region of 125,000 networks across over 100 countries. It was a stark reminder, as if one were needed, that the cyber threat is very real, and collectively we must do more to make our organisations more resilient.

Of course, organisations have a responsibility to make sure they have the necessary resources in place to combat the cyber threat, that software is up to date and anti-virus in place. The message during BCAW however, is that cyber security is everyone’s responsibility and we all have a role to play in building a resilient organisation.

The Business Continuity Institute’s latest paper reveals that the actions of individuals can often leave our organisations vulnerable to attack, and the security mechanisms put in place become defunct if users are simply inviting intruders in. For example:
  • The music band Gorillaz had their Vimeo account hacked and album leaked online – their password was reported to be ‘2017’.
  • A French television network was allegedly hacked after they broadcast an interview with a username and password in the background.
Building resilience by improving cyber security identifies six ways that users can help improve their organisation’s cyber security, and also their own personal cyber security. The paper demonstrates that many of us are currently falling short of this and encourages each of us to do more.


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