What is business resilience?

What is business resilience?

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What is business resilience?

I get asked this a lot! Most people are familiar with the terms ‘business continuity’, ‘crisis management’, disaster recovery and ‘cybersecurity’ but increasingly the term ‘business resilience’ is being used as business continuity experts take on a broader, more overarching role.

So what is business resilience?

As the business environment becomes more technology led and complex, business resilience is getting more attention on the strategic agenda of organisations. It’s about good corporate governance.
The traditional focus on Business Continuity is now being replaced by a broader approach towards business resilience with the traditional resilience expert taking on a broader role, which encompasses:
Cyber Resilience – the ability to withstand and quickly recover from Cyberattacks.Common cyber attacks
Operational Resilience – the ability to carry out the organisation’s business despite the presence of operational stress and disruption.
IT Resilience – the ability to maintain running the organisation’s critical systems & processes no matter what.
Business Continuity Management –the organisation’s framework for identifying and managing business continuity arrangements.

Crisis and Communication Management –strategy and plans to deal with a sudden and significant negative event.

These are all specialist areas. The business resilience expert’s job is to bring them all together to make sure that the organisation can withstand the shocks and strains of unexpected events. Failure to address these risks could lead to business failure.

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